Welcome to my website!

Here you can find a lot of information about metals melting and casting as well as other connected DIY videos. You can use direct links on my youtube channel or if you prefer to read, links on instructables website.

In How to make category you can watch step by step instructions (video or articles) about making metals melting furnace, crucibles, flasks, green sand, smelting furnace upgrades and other.

Brass casting category contains my experience in melting brass (bronze) and moulding it into ingots and of course green sand casting.

Copper casting is the hardest thing in home melting because copper has very high melting point approx 1100 °C. It's a real challenge for the furnace and the crucible.

Aluminum casting category as well as brass casting consist of videos and data about melting and pouring aluminum.    

Testing refractories category can be useful if you want to make a home melting foundry or any other thing where temperature resistance is important. There you can find heat resistance tests. 

Etching category is about electrolytic and chemical etching on metals but not only about etching itself. Different types of making pictures on metals will be tested as well. 

All categories will be regularly updated and new one will appear. 

One of the purpose for me to make this site is a desire to share some additional materials. I have some material which in my opinion, can be useful for "backyard melting and casting" beginners but which are not good for youtube or instructables. Therefore, I plan to upload them here.

Enjoy watching and reading :) 

Dural Metalurg Channel Trailer

Hi everybody. I've decided to make a channel trailer, so I chose the best moments which I had during the year. My channel is about melting and casting aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and may be some other metals (in the future). Also, I show not just a melting and casting process but how to make everything you need for this: a smelting furnace, a flask, green sand, steel mold and so on. Therefore, if you like this topic, please subscribe, share and press the like button.

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Dural Metalurg