Making a copper Maple Leaf for Canada Day. Canada 150!

For a long time I wanted to try to make national symbols of different countries using various metals. This time it'll be a copper Maple Leaf.

According youtube statistic during the year peolple from 180 states watched my videos. I've decided to start with top 3 (according views quantity):
1. United States;
2. United Kingdom;
3. Canada

Canada will be the first because today is July 1 and it means Canada Day! The 150th anniversery of Canada. So, my Congratulations fellows :)

If such videos will be interesting all countries national symbols can be made :)

DIY Bimetal Cup Coaster. Aluminum + Copper Casting

I wanted to try bimetal casting for a long time and finally I've decided to try it. I've made this cup coaster using 2 metals: aluminum and copper.

Rotor as copper scrap. Copper melting.

I needed to prepare some copper for future casting, so I've decided to use a rotor as copper scrap. The whole process took me a long time because at first I tried to melt it using my old metal melting furnace. I failed in that and repeated melting on the new smelting furnace. I wanted to cast the copper to the mold but crucible leaked, so I couldn't make a good ingot. Most metal leaked on the bottom of the furnace.