Making the strongest Manganese Bronze. Casting Manganese Bronze ingots

Today I'm going to make Manganese Bronze. This bronze is one of the strongest and most wear resistant alloys. In addition to its excellent mechanical properties, manganese bronze is also corrosion resistant. To make this bronze I need to melt metals with very high melting point. These are iron and manganese.

Making Tin Bronze. DIY bronze. Classic bronze

I'm gonna make tin bronze in this video. Tin bronze is classic bronze. This type of bronze was the first one which started to be used by humans. Melting and casting of this type of bronze shouldn't be too hard. All metals except copper have very low melting point. To make this bronze I'll need copper, tin and zinc. Now this bronze is pretty expensive because of tin price. I don't know if I'll use it in the future because of that.

Casting Bronze Dagger. Centurion. Aluminum bronze

The Bronze Age is a historical period characterized by the use of bronze. A lot of things including a weapon were cast of this beautiful metal - bronze. I want to cast aluminum bronze dagger. Sure, aluminum bronze wasn't used that time but classic tin bronze has very similar mechanical characteristics. Nowadays, tin is pretty expensive, so aluminum is a good alternative. The most important is to use hard metal and aluminum bronze is really hard! One of the hardest bronzes.

DIY Aluminum Bronze. One of the hardest bronzes!

For one of future projects I need hard bronze, that's why I decided to make Aluminum Bronze. This bronze is one of the hardest!

This bronze will consist of 88% of copper and 12% of aluminum. Melting process is simple. At first I need to melt copper. So when I reach the temperature 1100-1200 C, I'll add aluminium. Finally, I suppose to get 2 kg of hard aluminum bronze.

White Bronze - home melting techniques. High Leaded Bronze production

In some old documentation I've found interesting bronze which was white and made of 40% of copper and 60% of lead. I had both metals, so I decided to make this bronze alloy. As a result I was going to get high-leaded bronze.