Casting lead into a match box and a paper tube

I had some cable and battery lead, so I've decided to make several ingots. Lead instead of such metals as aluminum or for instance, brass has very low melting point 327.5 С° (621 F°). Therefore, even a paper can be a mold. I used 3 match boxes and a paper tube. Lead cool very quickly and paper doesn't burn out. Of course, such moulds can be used only once.

Casting Lead into the recently welded Steel Mold. Got 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs) ingot

I’ve welded a steel mold for casting ingots from metal scrap. I’m planning to use it mostly for pouring brass, aluminum, bronze and copper. Now I’ll test my new steel mold by casting lead. If something goes wrong it’ll be much easier to work with lead which has 327.5 C° (621 F) melting point than with other metals.
I covered all inside surfaces of a mould with slack lime. It should prevent any metals sticking.
During the test, nothing unexpected has happened. It was easy to take out a bar when it cooled down.
The weight of the lead ingot is 1.142 kg (or 2.5 lbs). In the future, I’ll try to use this steel mold for pouring other non-ferrous metals.